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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In this world wealth is very important. No doubt it is

1. Land

2. Money

3. Capital

4. Property

5. And many more in practical life

We have to earn it and in course of time people get greedy to achieve it. They will do anything to acquire it by hook or crook and we miss out the most important thing PEOPLE.

Yes people ....human beings; during our course of life to acquire or grab the above so called wealth, we tend to forget the people around us.

Greatest wealth is our Friends i.e. humans and that too the right one at right time and right place.

As, far as experience goes wealth comes and goes but it’s very difficult to retain a friend and in due course we might find many people around us but they are not true friends.

Just like flies around a drop of honey and when honey dries up or is used up flies fly, which must not be the case in friendship, why only friends it’s also our moral duty to be true to them.

“Treat other’s as you want others to treat you.”

Those people who have supported us no matter what in our journey of life is our wealth, they are really very tough to acquire and one’s lost are never found.

These people must be kept like Jewels and also polish is necessary to keep them shining :D

At the end let us not omit people from our tedious and hectic journey. Friends and their support will enable us to make our journey easier and fun, so why miss the excitement without them.

Yours sincerely


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls

What to say about today's boys.....

With long long hair & clumsy wear,

they drew their attention with silly glare.

They have nothing so special, nothing so high,

but in every case they prove that boys will remain boys...

What to say about today's girls......

With the voice so sweet & smiley face,

which makes them win in every race.

They manage to tackle every maze,

but still have to go through every phase.....

They are so uncommon,

but still have something in common.

They come closer starting from the formal.

So guys n gals just stop this fight,

as both of you together can make

.....the world bright.....

Swati Narang

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



We imagine many things.

but we can't see them in real...

as we see all in our beautiful dream.

Dream is like a bird,

which has very beautiful world.

as we need something,

we can get it from our

.....Beautiful dream.....

Written by : Samridhi Kochhar



life is neither a pain nor a gain,

its that what i explain,

life is main nd we should always b in lane,

life is not a boon or bane,

life is not sweet as cane,

as it also contain pain.....

As nothing in the world is in vain,

life is the one

.....for which we live.....

Written by : Samridhi Kochhar